Thursday, August 01, 2013

Get the look

So last weekend I spent a huge amount of time on Pinterest.  I don't pin much, but I watch and watch always looking for new inspiration.  Sometimes I like the fit of a garment, or the stitch pattern...  Sometimes I am in awe with the styling (cause I am so bad at this!)...  And I am generally drawn towards the neutral tones, very minimalist clothes.

But this weekend, I was surprised to see myself coming back again and again to this picture from ZARA.

I want everything in this picture.  Her boots, her jeans (wouldn't hurt to have her long legs), her top, and HER SUPER RED CARDIGAN!

I am not a fan of this shape, but I admit it would be really nice to have something in this color to throw on top of my otherwise super neutrally colored wardrobe.

So first I go to my stash, and start looking for something similar.  I have nothing in this color, but I find the awesome yarn I bought at Knitty City during my trip to NY (remember this post?): Studio Worsted by Neighborhood Fiber Co, in colorway Charles Village.

Yes, definitely not the same red... It is more like a fuchsia red... but a very RED!  This will do.

Then I wondered what the cardigan was really like... So I went to ZARA's website and this is what I found:

Yes, really nice and simple, ,but I am not sure this is worth writing a pattern for!  So I decided to design something that has the same "feel" (oversized cardigan), but with a few twists and a bit more shaping... and some buttons. :D

And here I am with my new design project, working the stockinette stitch section, where I get to relax a bit, stop taking notes, and just enjoy the knitting while watching some TV show.

I am loving this yarn's color a lot.  Super deep and rich, like the rest of the colors I saw on the shelf from this dyer.  Amazing stuff indeed!  The Studio Worsted comes in really big skeins: the label says 400 yards (of worsted weight!), and my skeins weigh 225g, so these are really huge!  However, I only have 2 of them, so I have to keep my yarn usage to the minimum.  I decided to knit this at a really loose gauge, and I am using US 8 (5mm) needles for this.  Let's see how it looks once finished.  At first stitches look a little bit uneven, but I am sure blocking will take care of that later.

In the meantime, I already got myself the jeans and the booties.  Looking for a T-shirt to match the whole thing.



knitnoni said...

Love the look and the idea of your design !

knitnoni said...
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Anonymous said...

Estoy deseando ver tu nuevo patrón!!! Porque ese look de Zara simplemente me chifla!!

Virgi - Abuela Hada said...

Bello modelo...,
bello color...,
bella hija...
I´m looking forward to see it on you!!!

Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

OOhh...I can't wait to see what your interpretation of this cardigan will be!!

Sandra said...

So exciting! And I have a perfect red in mind--cannot wait to see you do your magic.

lifeasastitcher said...

the cardi from Zara looks amazing... not to mention the color!
if you ever decided to create a pattern, would be interested to test knit for you...

Unknown said...

acabo de recibir unas madejas en un tono rojizo que le seria ideal para una rebeca de este tipo. ¿tenemos patrón a la vista? Me encantaria algo asi tejido.
Un saludo desde españa