Monday, December 26, 2011

Some Chritmas moments... / Algunos momentos de Navidad...

This has been a very special week for me.
My sister (who lives in The Netherlands) came all the way to Argentina to spend the holidays together, and it was the first time I saw her pregnant.  She is already 28 weeks along, and I am only 12 weeks away from being an auntie again!

Esta fue una semana muy especial para mí.
Mi hermana (que vive en Holanda) se vino hasta Argentina para pasar las fiestas juntas, y fue la primera vez que la vi embarazada.  Ya está de 28 semanas y estoy a sólo 12 semanas más de ser tía de nuevo!

So here I leave you with just a few images of all the things that I thank for this week.  Hope you had a fabulous Christmas week too!

Así que aquí los dejo con algunas imágenes de las cosas por las que agradezco esta semana.  Espero que ustedes también hayan tenido una hermosa semana de Navidad!

My family
Mi familia

My sister, my brothers and my nephew, who I got to meet today.
Mi hermana, mis hermanos y mi sobrino, a quien pude conocer esta mañana.

And most importantly:
My Charly (and my sister's incapability of taking a decent picture of us! honestly, this was the best one!)
Y lo más importante:
Mi Charly (y la incapacidad de mi hermana de sacar una foto decente de nosotros dos! en serio, esta era la mejor!)

And my babies (not so babies any more!)
Y mis bebés (ya no tan bebés!)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Grown up Girl

Last week I released the adult's version of Girly, which is unoriginally named Grown up Girl.

La semana pasada también publiqué la versión para adultas de Girly, que no tiene un nombre muy original: Grown up Girl .


When I published in Ravlery the pictures for the girl's version, I had a few requests to make it also for adult's.  But I thought that the flower and bobble motifs over the bust area were not going to be flattering...  Especially on busty women (definitely not having that problem here, hehe).
So what I did was: Instead of placing the flowers motifs there, I added small pockets and put the flowers on them. 

Cuando publiqué en Ravelry las fotos de la versión para nenas, algunas chicas me pidieron que también lo hiciera para adultas.  Pero pensaba que el motivo con flores y motas no iba a ser muy favorecedor en el busto.  Especialmente para chicas "voluptuosas" (definitivamente no tenemos ese problema por acá... jiji).
Así que lo que hice fue: En vez de poner los motivos ahí, agregué pequeños bolsillos y les puse las flores.

But I still needed to figure out what to do in the back, since the motif was too small to be there all alone on a big canvas... So I altered the motif and added more leaves and flowers.  It turned out pretty well!

Pero todavía tenía que resolver qué hacer en la espalda, ya que los motivos eran demasiado pequeños para estr ahí solitos en un bastidor tan grande...  Así que los modifiqué y les agregué más flores y más hojas.  Fuicionó bastante bien!

Some people love the belt and some people don't.  I wanted to keep the grown up version really similar to the child's one... So I kept the belt (I love it, BTW).

A algunas les gusta el lazo, a otras no.  Yo quería que la versión de adultas realmente se pareciera a la de nenas... Así que me lo quedé (el lazo). :D

Monday, December 12, 2011

7 years / 7 años

Yesterday was our 7th Wedding Anniversary.
Awww, we were so young!

Ayer fue nuestro 7mo Aniversaro de Bodas.
Éramos tan jóvenes!

Anyway, time flies, right? 7 years have gone by already.  Can't believe it!
Happy Anniversary, Baby!

El tiempo vuela, cierto? Ya pasaron 7 años, no lo puedo creer!
Feliz Aniversario, Amor!

And now, let's talk knitting! / Hablemos de Tejido!

Good things happened last week!  Girly, a beautiful pattern that I designed for little girls, received an Honorable Mention in this contest:  Patternfish's 10,00th Design Competition.
How cool is that? 
Girly was published in Patternfish in November, but now it is also available through Ravelry.

Pasaron cosas lindas esta semana! Girly, un patrón hermoso que diseñé para niñitas, recibió una Mención de Honor en este concurso:Patternfish's 10,00th Design Competition.
No es genial? 
Girly fue publicado en Patternfish en Noviembre, pero ahora también está disponible a través de Ravelry (sólo en inglés).

Do you like it?  This is my niece, Sofía, who was great and lovely modelling this for me.

Les gusta? Esta es mi sobrinita Sofía, que fue un angelito y lo modeló para mí.

Every girl in your circle of family and friends will fall in love with the romantic flowers and leaves on this cardigan. Girly is comfortable for going to the park and cute to wear to a birthday party. It is knit in one piece up to the armholes and then dividing for front and back, with set in sleeves worked from the top down. It is sized for 2 to 10 years.

Todas las nenas de tu círculo de familia y amigos se enamorarán de las flores y hojitas románticas en este cardigan.  Girly es cómodo para ir a la plaza y lindo para ir a un cumpleaños.  Se teje en una sola pieza, desde abajo hacia arriba, y luego se divide en espalda y delanteras.  Las mangas son pegadas y se trabajan desde arriba hacia abajo.  Viene en talles del 2 al 10.

Monday, December 05, 2011

The sweater Story

Some time ago, a girl came into the store where I work at.
She was wearing a store bought sweater, with a very strange shape, and it had this amazing detailig:  It had two braids, one horizontal and one vertical, that crossed over the back.  The braids were not knit with the sweater.  They were long straps of knitted fabric, braided and sewn to the main sweater.
It was amazing.  The shape: not so much, but the braids kept me thinking about them for days!

So as I rode on the bus I kept imagining how could I translate that into something one could actually knit all together!  Braids coming in opposite directions... I just couldn't figure it out!
And then, slowly this idea began taking shape.  And I sketched.

Deciding which yarn to use was actually quite easy.
I wanted to try something different.  And since I love Madelinetosh Yarns, and I have ony tried one of their multiple and awesome bases, it was clear that I needed to try another one!  The bad thing about these yarns is that they are not available where I live (we don't have much down here), so waiting for the yarn to arrive took AGES!
But it was well worth the wait, oh yes!  I received my 9 skeins of Madelinetosh Chunky, in colorway Tart.

Oh boy, this colorway rocks or what??????
And then I started playing with my yarn...
You can read the whole story here:
Jenica Hoodie

So far, it is looking great.  The cable is not exactly where I had envisioned it, but I am ok with it!
Hope you all like it too!