Tuesday, June 04, 2013

About kids

So today is a very special day for me... we have a Birthday boy in the family!
5 years ago my youngest son, Sebi, was born, and in that moment we knew our family was complete.  There was nothing more I could ever ask life for...
He is turning 5 now, and I have seen him become such a wonderful boy.  His sense of humor, his good temper, his good mood... Our family is what it is thanks to him, and his brother has the best friend he could ever ask for, right at home.

So I wanted to record this day in my blog, now that I am trying to post more often.  These two boys are my treasure, my permanent WIPs, as we knitters say... :D

Mariano (7) and Sebi (5)
I have also been working on my photos, but now I face the hard task of learning how to use photoshop (yes, I don't know how to use it, don't laugh)... So I might sign up for a semestre of that at photo-school.  After all, the school is a nice place to hang out, and I have really cool (teen) class-mates.  I might force them to put up with my lack of knowledge for some more time ;)

As for knitting, well, I am going through a tough week, and things are not turning exactly as I imagine, so I've had to rip a lot lot lot, and that kind of depresses me...  
My strategy for getting the mojo back was to knit something small, quick and enjoyable...  And since I recently learned that a new baby is coming to our lives (not mine, but almost as if), I decided to knit her a small baby vest.

I used an old pattern of mine, called Baby G, but I modified it to work better with this yarn, Noro Taiyo, in colorway #11.
I CO only 50 st and worked 6 rows in garter st. Then increased 6 st and worked in stockinette st until the armhole.  Then I worked the rest as per pattern.  Since my yarn was slightly thicker than the one the pattern called for, I used the instructions for the smallest size to achieve a 1-3 m.
The buttons are vintage, and they belonged to one of the baby's mother's dresses from her childhood.
Now let's hope this baby is a girl! ♥
I am really, really ready to knit for baby girls.