Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gather Together
My designs are always driven by something in me that I feel passionate about.  It might be a concept, a story, a feeling, even a cool stitch pattern, but something is always there to ignite the idea and get me going.

Like others before me, the occasion comes along when I don’t have an idea.  I might be tired, under pressure, grumpy or just uninspired.  It is a horrible, sad feeling when that wonderful creative light flickers, fades away into hibernation.

In my slump, and feeling sad, I turned to my faithful testers and asked them what they would like to see in my next design. They unanimously wanted a cardigan with pockets and cables and they wanted it for Rhinebeck.

That was all I needed to get going for this one.  I had decided on the same construction as Jenica but to improve the design this time I have added some additional neck shaping to offer a more roomy shoulder/chest measurement.

The beautiful cabling that hugs its host represents all of us. It illustrates the creative process and continuous support and contributions of everyone involved.  The yarn I used was also an example of this: the chosen yarn was Shasta, by Baah Yarns, a company that generously reached out to me a long time ago and sent me this beautiful batch of worsted weight in my favorite shade of gray.  The amazing dyer kept in touch with me the whole time and was involved in the process in the sweetest possible way.  I can't tell you how beautiful each stitch was knitted with Shasta.  I like to recommend a yarn when I find it simply amazing: this is one of them.  The colorway was called Gray Onyx.

This design will be their Rhinebeck sweater for their gathering together.  A special one that will be woven through friends' stories and discussions, their laughter and sometimes tough times (eventually you run out of money to spend and the shopping ends). This one will always remind them of their trip, and they will reflect back to their influence on the sweaters inception.

Their love for this sweater is what will make it truly special, they will be more fond of it now that they are a part of it’s inception, it’s creative process. They all tested this sweater to help me out make it perfect, and this process also led to new friendships and to plan new gatherings.

This design shows that it is never just one but many of us that are required to make these designs happen, to bring them to life.  Our creations will be our legacy, a little shadow of us left behind when we are gone.

This design is for my testers, for the love of knitting and for the friends we have made on this journey our knitting takes us on, day after day.

This is our connection and we invite you to be a part of it, to help pass on this love for generations to come.


About these words:
I am not such a good writer, and my dear friend Jenica always writes exactly what I want to say.  Thank you for your wisdom and friendship all these years, and for making the texts we read so maningful and beautiful.  I love you.