Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where am I? / En dónde estoy?

Wow. Over 2 months without posting! That IS REALLY a lot. I honestly opened blogger a couple of times in a shameful attempt to post something, but I just couldn't find the time or the courage to write everything that has happened in this time. And then I got some comments asking if I was OK, because I wasn't posting in the blog and I didn't want anybody to be worried. Thank you! Everything is OK! I just got too lazy to post!

So here I am. I will try to write down some things... Others will come to my mind surely as soon as I finish this post, but won't probably write about them until next week... I will follow my Ravelry notes to keep sort of an order...

First comes my work as a designer. Do you remember that in May we received the people from Pagewood Farm at the shop where I work at? I wrote about it in this post.
Well, it turns out that Robin, the owner, asked me to design some patterns for them to sell as pattern support for the yarns they are buying from us. Designing patterns is something that I haven't done much, but I just love it! So I went ahead and designed a bunch of simple patterns using different materials. I won't bother you with the details, you can check them out in Ravelry, and they will be available to purchase from Pagewood Farm next month!
Here some pictures!

Cocoon Vest

Envelope Bag

Lace Wrap Cardigan

Rasta Scarf

Tartan Style Rug

Do you like them??? I hope you do! Did I tire you yet?

Also, my sister Leti came to visit from Holland! She was here 10 days and took back to Holland another suitcase full of knitted sweaters my mom and I made for her...
I gave her a Tunic I had knit a couple of months ago and I also knit this capelet for her.

Pattern: Poncho Two Birds, by Gabriela Ordenes, who asked me to test-knit this for her.
Yarn: Milama Paloma, 3 skeins
Needles: Circular, 8mm needles.

What else? I finished a jumper for my eldest son, Nano, which I love, love love! It is a heavily modified version of a hoodie published in a Phildar Pitchoun magazine.
Here some pictures of my boy, who is about to become a professional model!

Pattern: Pull a Capuche 022-T9-109, published in Phildar Pitchoun No. 022
Yarn: Shetland Cardada (Carded Shetland Wool) from Moussa.
Needles: 3 and 3.5mm
Mods: Too many to remember! This sweater took me a lot of time to complete! The biggest one was to make it a round neck sweater instead of a hoodie.

Come on! Didn't I bore you yet!?

OK, then I will show you this other little thingie I finished last week.

Pattern: Watershed, by Amy Swenson
Yarn: Amore, a cotton/acrylic blend my mom bought for me at Moussa.
Needles: 4.5mm. How much? Only 150g!!! Can you believe it?

This pattern is adorable. It is so lovely and well written! The designer is one of my favorites lately and I am completely in love with the finished piece. Let the spring come!

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