Thursday, August 08, 2013

Boxy and Buttony

You might have read it somewhere else already, but I do have a new pattern out!  It's called Boxy and Buttony, and well, I guess the name describes it well.

This is a modern and contemporary pattern with clean lines and a boxy fit.
Despite being Boxy’s little brother, this pattern is worked in a completely different way and features lots of details that make it quite unique and interesting!
It is worked from the top down, seamlessly. It has an oversized fit, but with slightly less fabric. The main sections of the sleeves are worked at the same time with the body, and a faux button-band outlines the shoulders.
A textured panel in the front helps to add visual interest to an otherwise simple and minimalist sweater.


Hope you guys like it!  I do love it a lot, and I have been wearing it so much!  It is perfect for fall and transitional weathers (we are facing Spring down here), and it goes with all my wardrobe.  In fact, I have recently discovered that about 90% of my clothes are either white, black, gray or denim blue, and I am perfectly OK with that :). 

For my sample I used one of my go-to yarns: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  Great yardage, great price and LOTS OF INSPIRING COLORS! I want to knit them all!  The color I used is called Ink, and it is the most glorious Indigo-blue.

It's been ages since I published my latest patterns, part of the Hopeful Knits collection (I don't think I even blogged about those, what was I thinking?), so I was really looking forward to my first release after my break.  We are now chatting about the pattern in my Ravelry group, so you can pop by and say hi...

I have another pattern soon to be released... Can't wait to show you!  I know, not many patterns for this fall, but I did put a great effort in each of them.  Thank you for your constant support!



Christina - a Babys Smile Knits said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on yet another gorgeous pattern.

Ann said...

I love the details you've added to Boxy's "brother." Fantastic look!

Potiron said...

In love with your sweater designs!!! easy to follow, they actually look good on me!!!

The only problem is that I knit too slowly to make them all as soon as your patterns come out....

Gotta get some yarn too, because even though I have an ENORMOUS stash, it is mainly one skein, sometimes 2, not quite enough for sweaters... LOL

I have made Boxy which I love and was thinking of making another one... I think instead I'll make the B&B when the project I'm on is finished.....

Thank you for your designs!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE that color. I hear you on wanting to knit all of the colors of the Madelinetosh rainbow. Really, it's a problem. Don't ever look at my rav stash :)

Congrats on another great design! I wish I could wear boxy sweaters. Those button sleeves are great.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely obsessed with this pattern. Will definitely purchase!

Suzy said...

I can't wait to try some of your patterns! This is beautiful.