Sunday, August 11, 2013

From Dubai with Love

Before I tell you the story of these hats, let me tell you some things:  

I have a brother.  In fact I have 2 borthers and a sister, but my brother Marco is quite the extrovert of the family.  Marco likes to go skiing, a lot.  And he also likes handknits, a lot.  He had asked me to make him a hat for a long time (I eventually made him one, see this post), but I mostly knit garments that are going to become patterns, so I always told him "yes, some day I'll make you one...".

Marco is very supportive with what I do, and for that reason he checks out my knitting Facebook profile often. And that is how he came up with the idea of asking my Facebook followers to make him a hat.  And yes, the AMAZING community of knitters out there answered him!!  Yes, I know everyone says the same, but I cannot believe what a wonderful and generous kind of people we knitters are...  And neither did Marco.

So last Tuesday, the mailman rang the door, and I received the most awesome parcel coming from... Dubai.  My friend Jocelyn, from Dubai Knits, sent my brother no less than 4 knitted hats, and she also sent me some yarny goodies.  Thank you so much Jocelyn!!!

I knew she was waiting to hear what we thought of the hats, so I asked my eldest son, Nano, to model them for us.  Let me show you the lovely hats I received for Marco!  All of them were made using the yarn that Jocely dyes herself.

Gray: I couldn't find the specs for this one in her notebook, but it is my absolute favorite.

 Red: Found it!  Pattern is Exeter, and she used Dubai Knits BFL Sport in colorway Spit the Pips.

Blue: Couldn't find it... Nano's front teeth are so ready to fall off... Can you notice?  He's so big!!!

Green: Found it! Pattern is Rib-a-Roni, and she used Dubai Knits Cloud Nine (my absolute favorite base of all the ones she used), in colorway Pacific.  This is the softest most comfortable hat ever, and my kids are already fighting for it :)

Jocelyn also sent 2 skeins for me to try out her yarn, so I am ready to make some more hats for the hubby. 

Dubai Knits: BFL Sport (Left) and MCN DK (Right)

So this blog is about to get really busy with hat action.  Hope you don't get bored. :)
Have a great week!



Gringa Quilmeña said...

Lucky you and your male relatives :)

Gringa Quilmeña said...

Lucky you and your male relatives :)

Jocelyn said...

Nano is so adorable, and he knows how to play with the camera! Thanks for the blog love. I need to get a move on and fix my shop website fast!

It was so much fun knitting these hats knowing they will be travelling so far away. I hope Marco loves them.

Can't wait to see the hats you knit up with my yarn babies :)

Christina - a Babys Smile Knits said...

How incredibly sweet of her, I hope Marco gets lots of wear out of them but with skiing as a hobby that shouldn't be a problem. I really like the Gray one, might have to knit one up.

kelli ann & lorie said...

(following the link from Ann's post on Mason-Dixon Knitting):: What a cutie! and those hats:: like he so brilliantly does, each one for a different pose or mood! Dude! Love them! (I don't blame your kids for fighting over them, better get knitting! ;-)) Best

Ashley said...

Your brother is a lucky fella! Those hats (and yarn) look super lovely. I can't wait to see what you do with your skeins; hats are my weakness :)

Anonymous said...

Found the gray one, love it too!

Mariam said...

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lainie said...

very cool (or in this case, warm) ... thanks for sharing, both the story and the pattern