Saturday, March 08, 2014

Unwind (in Brighton)

I would really like to give this a great introduction, because it is a very special project for me, but sometimes I am not the best writer...  So I will get to the point.

Dani, owner and creator of Lioness Arts Yarns, is a very creative soul.  We have shared many projects together, and I've been happily following her through her many adventures in the world of knitting.  But this time, she has started a project that requires a lot of work and strength; a dream which is finally coming true, and which will bring something awesome to her home town.

So Dani is organizing the great Unwind Brighton, an event with classes, talks and an incredible (and I mean INCREDIBLE) marketplace, where the best of the best is going to be available for all attendants.  It will take place on July 12-13 of this year.

The schedule is just awesome.  Classes by knitting stars like Veera, Ysolda, Ragga (Oh, how I wish I could take her steeking class!)... And the vendors are also amazing, I would be doomed in that marketplace.  So many people I dreamt of meeting one day... they are all going to be there...
But I won't be able to make it this time.  It's just too much travelling for one year, and I couldn't make all the numbers match ;)

But the lovely Dani found a way for me to join her in the spirit, and to join everyone who is going to be there too!  This little shawl I am designing right this moment will be featured in the Programme that all attendants will get with their tickets for classes or marketplace.  This programme will have all the info about the event (schedule, classes and maps), and my pattern along with another one (still don't know who's the designer of that one!).

So, I am not saying that this little pattern will convince you to come to Brighton, but at least go check it out!

The shawl is not "simple", but it is very easy to work, and it only takes one skein... So you can scroll the marketplace looking for the perfect skein and cast-on that very same day!  Who knows, maybe a night of chatting with friends, wine and good food will make you finish that very same weekend.

It is worked from one end to the other, in different sections.  There is some short-row shaping, some seed st... Some lace...  But there's no need to read a chart! So really, it's the perfect travelling project.

The yarn I am using is a single skein I had in my stash, so I thought it would be perfect for those singles we all have, or that we just want to buy with an impulse.
This is Cozy Merino Fingering by Walk Collection,  and the colorway is called "Blueberry Juice".  The skein is 400 yards, so that's exactly how much the design will take (as I am obsessively weighing it all the time)...

So!  If you are going to be in Brighton this July... My little pattern will be there to say hi!



Unknown said...

How I wish I could go there...but I will be working with no holidays. :(
I can't wait to see the finished shawl though, I have some lonely skeins just waiting for this beauty!

Unknown said...

This is one that I can say..... I'll be there. Yippee. Can't wait2326484

Linda - Kettle Yarn Co. said...

So sad you are not going to make it Joji. It was lovely meeting the other day and I was hoping we'd get more of a chance to chat in July! ;-?

Laura said...
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Unknown said...

That color is amazing!

angelina said...

Hello Joji, I wish I could be there too, and I cant wait to see your creation!

Anonymous said...

Sera posible comprar el patron en Ravelry? Estoy buscando justamente algo asi; esque tengo 2 madejas y queria hacer dos cositas igualitas, una para mi hermana y una para mi.

Joji said...

Hola Mimi,
Sí! Va a estar disponible en Ravelry en cuanto termine el evento para el que lo estoy haciendo!
(En Inglés).

Unknown said...

I really like your ideas. I truly appreciate your effort in publishing this article. Keep it up and God bless.