Thursday, March 27, 2014

Non work-related WIPs

I was cleaning the house today, trying to tidy up a bit... so I started organizing my knitting bags too.  There were lots of bags with yarn that needed to be arranged, and knitting projects lying around the house in different rooms.

As I was putting everything away, and leaving out only those bags which hold knitting projects, I suddenly realized I had 4 WIPs (works in progress), which is somewhat unusual for me... But the most unusual thing is that 3 of these are not related to work.
Why not related to work?  Well, cause even though I am not using any patterns for these, I have no deadlines and no intention of turning these projects into patterns.  These projects are just for the fun of knitting...

Since this blog is mostly about my knitting patterns, I think it's a good change to show these little projects, even if there's nothing too exciting about them!

I started Fedde's Vest when I was travelling in Europe.
I was visiting Gent with my friend Vera (Maanel), and she took me to a cute Phildar shop, where they sold mostly ready-made garments.  But at the back of the shop, they kept a stock of Phildar's yarns!  I must admit I wasn't crazy about most of them, but then I found these beautiful balls of Laine Coton, in the most perfect "Boy" colors.  I just knew I had to make something for my baby godson Fedde...

The yarn is just beautiful.  I had never tried a combination of Wool and Cotton before, and I absolutely love it!  I think I paid like 4 EUR per ball, which is not bad at all.  It has lots of tiny plies, arranged in a beautiful rounded structure.
Look at those stitches, they are so even and pretty!

I started the project while riding on the train to London, and I honestly thought (in my innocent mind), that I was going to finish this in a couple of days, which would have allowed me to leave the vest with the recipient before returning to Argentina.
Silly me, I only knitted during that train ride, and then never again during the rest of the trip!

I am working the vest on straight needles, cause I am always faster (though really, it doesn't get much slower than this), and I plan to seam the sides when I am done.
I cast on 50 st, worked in 2x2 ribbing for a few rows, and then switched to a broken rib, which was quite easy, but looked more elaborate than a garter st vest.

I already finished the front, which was made in a similar way to my Felipe pattern (a free pattern, by the way, and always works beautifully!).  Just a few rows of 2x2 ribbing, and then divided for neck opening and shoulder straps.
As you can see, the back is halfway done, so I don't know what is keeping me from finishing it...  Perhaps I have the secret dream of going back to The Netherlands to deliver it myself, and kiss him hard for days and days...  Cause really, look at those cheeks!

A few weeks ago, I received a visit from the US, so we did a lot of walking and sightseeing.  I was working on the Unwind Shawl at the time, which allowed for some mindless knitting time...  But then, all of a sudden, my project was finished!
I had plans for a new sweater design, but that required some planning ahead, and I didn't have time to do that... I needed a new project! (don't ask me why I didn't pick up Fedde's Vest at this point, cause I don't know).
So I took out a bag of yummy leftovers of Malabrigo Worsted, and I started a Cowl/Scarf whatever thingy.

I am not thinking this too much ahead, I didn't even plan how the colors are going to follow each other... And I might send this to my sister if I ever finish Fedde's Vest.  She really liked my knitted cowls, so I think she'll enjoy this one too.

I am making striped triangles using short rows, and I think I am going to add solid triangles in between.  I am not sure if it's going to look great with these colors, but I certainly LOVE this yarn, and this project just makes me happy, so I look forward to working on it a bit more.

And a few days ago, Nano, my eldest kid, was watching me as I was pinning down a finished pattern sample.  He knew I had been working on this sweater lately, so he was absolutely sure that my needles were not very "occupied" at that very moment...  And he kindly said: "Well, are you done with this one? Would you make me a sweater?  It's been a while since you last made me a sweater.  You've made me hats and scarves, but no sweater, Mum".
How could anyone say no to that?  

I think he had some ideas about a rainbow colored sweater, but I didn't have any rainbow colored yarn in my stash.... So I told him I could use some of the yarns in my stash that are not destined to become a pattern.
We spent some fun time together, going through my stash bins, and we found the yarn I was already planning to use.

I think I bought this yarn about 5 years ago.  At the time, I couldn't afford buying yarn abroad, so all I would knit with was acrylic, cotton or very coarse wool (and even coarse wool was very hard to find, and a expensive for us).  

But one day, touring around the "Yarn District" in Buenos Aires, I found that one of the yarn stores had this sale bin, with balls marked at a very affordable price (almost the same price as acrylic).  I came closer, and I discovered these balls were Filatura di Crosa Wave, which is a gorgeous wool/silk blend, extremely soft and yummy.  Honestly, I think this was the most beautiful yarn I had ever seen at the time, I just couldn't believe the people at the yarn store had no idea what they were selling!  They had probably bought some closeout lots of it... Who knows?  No one had ever sold balls like these in Buenos Aires.  

I was so excited, that I didn't even care that the colors were a bit dull.  Slowly, as we saved my pennies, my local knitting friends and I bought all the stock from this store, and I have knitted already several projects with it.  These are some of my last balls, so it was indeed a good purchase in the end.  All of it has been used for great projects.
It is an amazing yarn, it has a tweedy look, and wears extremely well... So I think it will be perfect for Nano's jumper.  

I don't know why, but I decided to make this one on circular needles.  I am starting from the bottom up, and I cast on 156 st, for a circumference of 78 cm.  What??? My boy is so big... His sweaters are already as big as the XS size in my patterns... where did the time go?  I remember when I used to make him sweaters in a couple of days...

I think I'll randomly add stripes to the upper half of the body and sleeves... In no particular order.  We'll see how it goes.  I am loving it so far, and I can't seem to be able to put it down to work on my YES work-related WIP...  Which is not such a good thing! 

Hope you are enjoying your WIPs too!



Ellemme said...

I love the story of your Wips :) And yes, this Filatura di crosa yarn looks really gorgeous! I hope it's not discontinued so that I can find some here. I bought another thread from this brand years ago and it was a great purchase too! For my Wips, I decided to stop running several project at the time when I went back to work with so few time to knit that I was desperate seeing all that I wasn't knitting! But it's strange, since a few days I'm thinking to cast on the 2 or 3 projects I have in mind even if I know that I won't have more time than usual, but I'm full of knitting energy and optimism.. I just want to see all those ideas coming real :)

elys7 said...

My baby nephew is far away too. So I will knit him sweaters to wrap him in my love until I can kiss him.

Any chance you have some pattern in the works for little boys?