Thursday, January 16, 2014

January in Buenos Aires means... summer.

There is always a dark and a bright side of things... right?

Several years ago, I used to feel that living in the bottom half of the planet kept me from sharing things with my knitting friends...
While the big majority of the knitting community was enjoying snow and harsh winter temperatures, in January, I was struggling to find air-conditioned rooms where I could knit at.
Our summers in Buenos Aires are summers in all their glory.  The temps can go up to 40C (104F), and we have what most tourists call the perfect weather, with barely any rainy days during the whole season.  It is, I must admit, an ideal place to live in when it comes to weather (not so much when it comes to other social aspects...). 

I used to keep my summers for myself, waiting patiently for the winter to arrive when I could share how cold I was wearing my hand-knits.  As time went by, I realized that it was actually welcome by others when I posted about our cultural, social, and especially weather differences!  So, this summer, I decided to share our vacation time with all my knitting friends and readers.

Sightseeing in the hot city: Teatro Colón in the back.

This summer, we decided to rent a lovely summer house just outside Buenos Aires, where our kids could play while Mummy and Daddy work.  Summer is a time of a lot of work for me, probably the busiest time of the year, so I tried to find a place where I could be inspired at.

A view of the sunset in our garden, and a bunch of promising sketches.

With the end of a year I try to complete projects.  Whether they are knitting projects, design ideas, patterns to write, or whether it means a bigger project like something involving family planning, I try to start the new year with my hands clean.
Does that happen to you too?  It's a time for New Year's resolutions and projects.  A time to set realistic expectations and plans for the new year to come.

I can't always make it to all the deadlines, but this summer I feel so free and full of blooming ideas!

If all things go as planned, I'll have some really exciting projects to share with you soon (soon, as in REALLY soon!).  I am not a woman of secrets or mysteries.  I love to share all the process of my work and how all my knitting projects slowly turn into my patterns... But I have to admit that surprises are usually very well received!  So stay tuned.  February is going to be awesome!

In the meantime, I am starting to plan ahead for the rest of what is shaping up to be a really exciting year...  But what projects to work on next?


I've been thinking a lot about this...  Projects that would probably be released in year 2015, given the amount of time that takes me to come up with a design idea, and transform that into a knitting pattern.
I am not sure if I have a certain style of work.  I like to think I can design anything, but I am sure there is something that characterizes what I do...  Is there? I know I try to make things different, original... So I might always add details here and there, a certain distinctive stitch pattern...

But lately I have been thinking how much I would love to just knit myself some basic stuff.  You know, the kind of sweater I normally pay attention to when I shop for clothes for myself, and never allow myself to buy (cause, you know, "I could knit that" - who hasn't ever felt guilty for buying a ready-made sweater?).  But then I think whether writing patterns for basic sweaters would work?   
"There are so many patterns for basic stuff out there... I should write something different..."

That's what I struggle with every time.
I know, however, that if I wrote a pattern for a basic sweater I know it would be different from the rest... because it would be written with my own words and describing my own personal way to work that certain kind of sweater...

So there might be more basics in 2015, or at least more basic shapes with a twist here and there.  While I am still deciding about it, I have some really beautiful projects I am working on that are making me happy...

Currently working with my favorite color: gray.
What would you like to knit this year?  Maybe you can inspire me too.

Have a great summer/winter!


ale said...

Lindísimo post Joji, y muy buenas fotos!
Que buen inicio de año.

emma said...

what a wonderful post
you are naturally inspired
I love what you do ....

Iva K. said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. It´s so beautiful place where you live. It´s actually great to see some summer pictures when we have just muddy winter and gray sky to see here in Europe these days.
You certainly have your style and no matter what "basic" stuff you make it is never like anybodys elses so please make us some Joji basic sweater patterns I can´t wait!

maanel said...

Wonderful post indeed Joji !
I'm looking forward to seeing the Joji's "basic' designs. Perhaps I'll hear more about it in a few weeks;)). Our meeting comes nearer and nearer isn't it ? x Vera

Virgi - Abuela Hada said...

Me encantó Jo! Siempre con ideas tan bonitas y realizaciones más bonitas aun! Te amo!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! Yesterday there was a programm on tv here about Argentina in which they showed Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego. Made me think I should go to Argentina on a holiday once :) At the beginning of this year I was thinking I wanted to knit more basic sweaters which I could combine with other clothes and which show off the yarn in a good way. So I would love it if you designed basic sweaters! :)

Karin (Karinita)

Hannah said...

I would love to see your take on some basics, Joji. I think a basics e-book would be a great thing to own!

Jenn said...

Lovely post Joji. Enjoy your summertime!

While it is nice to be in winter and be able to knit, we are supposed to get very cold single digits (and below 0) temperature this week! I wish I am in BA's summer :).

katesmudges said...

I've knit several of your patterns and I marvel at how innovative your patterns are. I can usually spot your patterns on Ravelry because you do have a certain style. I hope you continue to create patterns that bear your unique and exquisite style sense. It's always a treat when a new shawl pattern arrives.

sofia kjellsson said...

¡Me encantan tus diseños! Me gustaría mucho que diseñaras algunas prendas básicas. Saludos de Suecia -- Sofia.