Friday, April 19, 2013

Our NYC holidays

So last Tuesday we came back home after spending a 20-day holiday in the US.  We had the chance to spend a whole week in NYC, and the rest of the time in the amazing Disneyworld, where the whole family had a fantastic time.  Such a wonderful holiday!!!

Even though one would think I would go straight to all the yarn stores there are to be seen, I was travelling with 4 men: my husband, my brother and my 2 sons.  So there was very little time for window shopping and the only time there was we spent it at Toys R Us or The Foot Locker....

But they were nice and came with me to the 2 stores I wanted to know the most:

Purl Soho:
On our second day in New York, on a rainy day, we came to this fabulous, stylish shop!  And I was in very good company...

It was the first time in my life entering a yarn store where I could see the yarns I work with before buying them.  I don't usually work with the products we have available in Argentina.  We do have awesome, awesome products, but I try to work with yarns that other knitters can also get for their projects. 
I must admit I was even a little bit shy before going in... I had been waiting to know this store for such a long time!

The first impression was amazing.  I had never seen shelves like these back at home.  Oh boy! What to buy?  So many lovely yarns... And I got to touch yarns that I had seen on the internet many times without being able to touch them...
I must say it was too overwhealming, and after putting several skeins in my basket and then returning them to the shelves, 2 of them decided to come home with me as gifts for my most loved ones: these 2 skeins of the OH SO FABULOUS Anzula.

Of course, since I had been so good to my boys, I got this handsome hubby to pay the bill ;)

Knitty City:
During our last day in New York, I was not feeling too well, so we decided to do something relaxed.  Perfect excuse to insert a visit to another yarn store! 

This store was not as chic as Purl, but I felt the true "artisan look" all over.  And let me tell you that the variety of yarns they carry is UNBELIEVABLE!  I felt I was in Wonderland.  This was the place where my wallet was actually shaking, and I did some damage to it for sure.

  There were so many delightful yarns tha tI had never seen live before, and the colors in each shelf were magical and mesmerizing...  However, this little shelf hidden in the bottom really took my heart: It was a big batch of Studio Worsted, from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

The skeins were really big (200g-400yd), but they only had 2 of them available in the color I chose, so I'll have to knit something tight!
Look at these beauties, I couldn't leave them at the shop:

And of course, I was in very good company, so the visit was delightful!

I hope you are not bored already, since I have the nicest story to tell you on a later post about some wonderful ladies I met in Orlando, after we left NYC!



MadMad said...

Oh, my goodness - what cute and good little (and big) boys to come with you on your yarn tours! And how lucky were the stores to have you come visit!? Hope you had a wonderful trip!

Adriana Ortiz said...

WOW !! Me alegra que hayan llegado por ahí,bella familia Joji.
La verdad es que a mi también se me hace agua la boca cuando me llego a una tienda así.
Cariños (desde Canada).

Unknown said...

Me encanta leerte, hermi. Soy feliz cuando sé que sos feliz.

Hannah said...

Awww, Joji, this post makes me miss you and Vero! Maybe someday we can all make a trip to Oregon and Washington together and explore all the yarn stores out there!!

isabellurette said...

Le paradis !

Monica (monin) said...

Que lindo Joji!! Segui contando que te seguimos leyendo desde todos lados!!!

Anonymous said...

How Fun!! That Neighborhood Fiber yarn has some really nice colors; haven't heard of them before. Nice photos.